Welcome to Trailventure, opened in 1998 as an outlet for outdoor pursuits, including walking, climbing and trekking. Trailventure is based in Ashburton, Devon and we are Open 9-5.30 MON-SAT AND 10-4 BANK HOLIDAYS. 

Sure there are bigger players at either end of the A38, but do they really care about you or me? Are they any cheaper than Trailventure? Not really, especially when you consider fuel costs and actually paying for a "discount card" in one case! Thats how much your loyalty means - you have to pay them to be loyal! Interesting...... As an independent outdoor retailer, we really value your business. While we cannot guarantee to match "lowest prices" we are quite open to sorting a fair price to both parties. We'll talk to you and find out what you want and what you need.

Trailventure cater for those of us walking the dog daily, to those on more adventurous travels further afield.

Service is vital when selecting that all important footwear or apparel that is going to keep you dry, comfortable and able enjoy your outing, no matter what the weather can throw at you. The Trailventure team are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced in both the product and its use, because we do what you do - we walk the dog, go out for the day on the moor, walk the Welsh 3000's etc. Take at look at our Gallery page - that's us here and there, actually using the stuff we sell! I know - strange isn't it!

Local knowledge for gear you'll use day in, day out!


The arrival of Uber Moose, Doris & Dude and Dewerstone brings in the summer!

T Shirts portraying the outdoor adventures of Uber Moose are now in the Trailventure shop, along with other exciting summer wear.